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Beneath this luxurious leather are the "hands" of a trained massage professional - ready to provide you with a customized back, leg, and foot massage at the touch of a button. You have to feel it to believe it.

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Get amazing deals on like-new refurbished chairs below. Each chair has its own detailed picture, so what you see is what you get! Most chairs have only minor blemishes that are not readily apparent. Save hundreds and save yourself from worrying about that first scuff. Clearance and refurbished chairs carry the full manufacturer warranty, but are sold on an "as is" basis. Shipping for any clearance chair is only $9.99 - anywhere in the Continental US!

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The Choice of Chairs and the Way You Sit Can Help End Back and Neck Pain by N. Holt>

N. Holt, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

You may not suffer from this condition - YET! The young body is usually toned up and strong enough so that muscles and bones are in place and functioning well. But even then back pain can become a problem.

So why take a chance? What you do to your body in younger years may come back to haunt you in later life. As you age so do the muscles and bones and the ability to overcome stress in any area becomes a challenge. Bones wear out and constant or repetitive use of certain muscles will erode them, especially the spine.

It is a known fact that to have a reasonably healthy old age one should protect the body when young. Lifting heavy weights, damage through falls, sports, severe shocks and even gardening can take its toll.

The Global Spine Network published that 9 out of 10 people can expect to suffer neck or back pain at some stage in their lives. It asserts that "The most important steps in dealing with low back pain or back ache are the things you do to help yourself. No-one else can do them for you. It's important to take the initiative and help yourself from the start."

There is hardly a person around me from young to old who does not suffer back pain or hip joint problems due to our fast life styles and traumas of the life we lead today. My own back and neck pain was chronic from early 30's. As a keen gardener and running my own business while rearing three children virtually on my own made my time short and as things had to be done no matter the pain it came back to me in a big way.

First there were the years of expensive chiropractic treatments, and years of never feeling quite at peace with the world. Pain does that to people. As middle age was coming to an end the pain and the problems were worse. The horror of a slipped disc should not be experienced by anyone if it can be helped.

Consulting a doctor who specializes in sports injuries a few years ago he demonstrated how my spine was out of alignment. He explained that the muscles were working overtime to keep me upright and so the constant pain. The slipped disc from some time earlier was also a result of this condition.

After X-rays and massages he ordered orthopedics (inserts for shoes shaped to support the muscles in the feet) to help get my the spine back into shape. But changes to my seating arrangements were also part of the cure. This was a step taken on my own initiative. Getting rid of the so-called ergonomic support office chairs used constantly for my computer work was one of the best things to happen. That's when the importance of chairs made its impact on me.

Did you know that crossing your legs can give you hip pain, knee ache and cut off the circulation to the lower part of your legs? Women especially cross their legs when seated at office desks as the chairs appear not to be designed for their height and shape. Its what I was doing in those ergonomic ones, although many are helped by them and taller people don't need to cross their legs to feel comfortable in them.

According to the Health Institute many cases of back pain and sore back result from stresses on the muscles and ligaments that support the spine. Nothing puts stress on the lower back more readily than bad sitting positions. It was something learned by me the hard way. Often when tired it is customary for many to just flop into a chair and let the back take the support of the arched spine as we elongate the legs and recline backwards. Its what I did too and it is a big no no.

The body must be seated correctly and chairs designed with this in mind. They should have some kind of lumber support for the spine or, if you must sit like that, use a cushion to fill in the gap between you and the chair. It worked for me when the penny dropped.

Sitting all day long without hindrance now of any kind to my back, hips or legs the comfort is incredible and this brought about an awareness of good seats and posture. With legs elevated my computer chair is low and soft, which is against most medical advice. The screen rests on a table at my feet but at eye height and the arm rests take the strain from my neck and shoulders. There was once a time when even a few hours at the computer gave me unbearable neck pain and headaches. Now I am at peace with the world.

From bitter experience the lessons were learned and if you want to avoid pain from stress in your muscles then you should pay attention to this message and to the chairs in which you and your family sit.

Do you have back pain or know someone who suffers from back stiffness or soreness, especially when seated? Many people suffer today; back pain is a very common problem and it's not easily treated.

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SAVE $300 - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Regularly $999 The iJoy does what you tell it. Each of four powerful massage modes can be programmed to give you the touch you prefer. The controller has three different programmed massage sessions of 15 minutes, which means you can kick back and enjoy a programmed massage whenever you feel like it.

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Business Week's -
'Design of the Decade!'

Distinctive looks and pioneering ergonomics, the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller performs like no other chair. Available in all colors plus True Black, a Sit4Less exclusive.

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CXO Executive Chair Now on Sale! Save $50 of our already low price. Limited Time Only! (Regularly $799.00)

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With 1,000s of requests over the years for "Black" Sit4Less.com and Herman Miller decided that now is the time to introduce the most sought after and exclusive color available for the Aeron Chair! We recommend combining the sharpness of True Black with the brilliance of the Polished Aluminum frame, now available EXCLUSIVELY from Sit4Less.com!

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Bar stools, kitchen stools, counter and commercials stools are important and this store stocks only the best. They carry only the finest manufacturers of barstools in the United States. Some of their extensive bar stool collection is available for residential or commercial bar stool projects.

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looking for items of history. Check this site out. From a white house chair used by a president to global historical events the collection here is worth a look.

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The Inada ROBO Chair was developed with the goal of attaining a deeper relaxation for the mind and body. It incorporates a new voice recognition system that not only allows control of the recline angle and roller positions, but activation of the kneading and tapping programs by simple voice command.

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